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Email Fraud - Fr. Jim Will Never Request Gift Cards Via EMAIL!!

In the past few months, there have been large numbers of reports of both parishioners and parish staff receiving email messages claiming to be from their parish priest and requesting that the recipient send gift cards or initiate wire transfers. In all cases we’re aware of, someone has set up a fake email address (typically with a free email hosting company, such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) using the pastor’s name. It is unfortunate that a member of our parish fell victim to this fraud. We are not sure how this information was harvested, but we see nothing in the anti-malware console that indicates that any computer at SJTB has been compromised.  Therefore, I have to assume that wherever the "hit" list for this email came from it was not internal. Right now these attacks have been limited to email. However, it’s not unlikely that as people gain awareness of this fraud, the attack vector could change and phone calls or letters will be attempted. If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Wickward, Pastoral Assistant for Administration, at the parish office, 253-630-0701, ext. 103




        Pledges Rec’d = $914,828 = 70.4% of goal

        # of Families = 1134

        # of Pledges rec’d = 492 = 43.4% of goal

        Avg. Weekly pledge = $35.83




The Archdiocese of Seattle has established a confidential telephone hotline and website for parish staff and parishioners to anonymously raise concerns about suspected unethical behavior by church personnel. You can find more information about this hotline by going to This program is run under contract by an independent third party with a long record of providing these services both in the secular world and for other dioceses.


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